Published: 2022-01-22

MECHANIC: I have this problem - Peugeot Partner and the error that keeps coming back - P1497...
EXPERT:Is this a diesel?
MECHANIC:Yes, 1.6 HDi. BlueHDi.
EXPERT:What year is that Partner?
MECHANIC:One second... 2019 and that's a 100 horsepower engine...
EXPERT:Yes, yes, it's a BHY motor, I know this engine. So nineteen... nice. And you've got trouble codes in the engine?
MECHANIC:Exactly, the only code which comes back after deleting, because the rest of them are "can be ignored" type, that's how they're described.
EXPERT:P1497... "Turbocharger - error, component locked, closed".
MECHANIC:In my KTS it is described as: "Turbocharger - component locked". And it has this error, but the check engine light does not come on.
EXPERT:Ok... So one more thing, there is a vacuum turbo, right?
MECHANIC:No, there is... Yes, vacuum one, exactly.
EXPERT:Okay, and are you able to tell me if the actuator bar is working?
MECHANIC:Of course.
EXPERT:See if the bar is working and if the values in the controller, in the actual parameters, are changing.
MECHANIC:I'll look at it in a moment.
EXPERT:That would be the first thing I would check, because here we have a typical error from the position sensor, which says that the component is blocked all the time.
MECHANIC:Ok, because there's something like a variable geometry lift sensor, right?
EXPERT:Yes, yes, yes... and it sees how the bar moves and according to it, it doesn't move. The question is whether the bar is moving... Is the problem in the bar or in the sensor itself.
MECHANIC:The bar... At the very start-up it pulls it.
EXPERT:Ok, but now the question is what the position sensor sees.
MECHANIC:So should I go into the parameters and look at it?
EXPERT:I would do it this way... of course you can do as you wish, but I would connect the vacuum to the actuator, to have a look for myself, turn the ignition on, enter the actual parameters and see whether the parameters change when you change the vacuum or not.
MECHANIC:Sure, okay.
EXPERT:Because to me it looks like the sensor is just blocked. And I'll check one more thing for you, a little extra thing, but you must give me a second.... and I'll also need the VIN number for this car.
MECHANIC:VIN, right? I'm dictating... VF3<the rest cut out>.
EXPERT:Ok... Partner TP... and will you please tell me once again what is the error you had?
EXPERT:Okay... oh, you know what, there's nothing more. I thought there would be some "TSB", maybe some technical solution for this error, but there isn't. So just verify the position itself. Ok?
MECHANIC:If it sees the position as a parameter, yes?
EXPERT:Yes, yes, exactly.
MECHANIC:And how can it be described? As the position of what?
EXPERT:The position of the turbocharger.
MECHANIC:Sure, ok, so in general the parameter should change depending on the given vacuum and if it does not change it means it is blocked.
EXPERT:Yes, then it won't open.
MECHANIC:Ok, let's do it this way, I will connect the KTS right now, I will have a look and possibly call you back.
EXPERT:Sure, feel free to call again.
MECHANIC:Thanks a lot, see you.
EXPERT:See you, bye.

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