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EXPERT:Mhm. Does it have a start-stop system? A system with a sensor on the battery clamp?
MECHANIC:Hmm... yes, there is a start-stop system. And a sensor on the clamps too.
EXPERT:OK, so it has what's called energy recuperation and when the battery is full, it doesn't charge.
MECHANIC:So, this is a normal thing?
EXPERT:Yes, if you connect a meter, drive the car and engine brake, it will charge to the maximum, almost 15 volts.
EXPERT:Wait a minute, what year is this?
EXPERT:Okay, what's the output?
EXPERT:What engine?
MECHANIC:1.4 petrol, 103 kW.
EXPERT:Ok, what exactly is the situation?
MECHANIC:We can't start it, it behaves as if the battery is weak, I mean, the starter motor is not working, we can only hear the ticking of the electromagnet. Also... we checked the wiring and we found out that there is not enough power from the engine controller to the starter relay. And not only that, the battery we put in is brand new, but when the car stays overnight, in the morning when I go to start it, the starter clicks, but if I connect a second battery in series then the car starts with no problem.
EXPERT:This means that either you have no ground on the engine or you have a high-current cable that is defective.
MECHANIC:and my question is... how should this be done? Is there a manual for it?
EXPERT:Do you want to remove the entire mechatronics module? Or just the ECU?
MECHANIC:Yes. I mean the ECU, just the ECU.
EXPERT:But you know what, this is a 2017 car... what code does the transmission have?
EXPERT:Is this a diesel?
MECHANIC:Yes, 1.6 HDi. BlueHDi.
EXPERT:What year is that Partner?
MECHANIC:One second... 2019 and that's a 100 horsepower engine...
EXPERT:Yes, yes, it's a BHY motor, I know this engine. So nineteen... nice. And you've got trouble codes in the engine?
EXPERT:What car is it?
MECHANIC:A 2014 C-Elysée.
EXPERT:Do you have a VIN number?
MECHANIC:Sure! Can I dictate?

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